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I have totally blown my hair care budget for the next few months! Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, being that I don’t purchase products monthly. My products usually last me for quite awhile, even though I am quite heavy-handed in my use of them. The last time I splurged on products was this same time this year. Now, I have replaced a my conditioner a couple of times and maybe a jar of coconut oil. But totally restocking, I haven’t done. When I stock up, I STOCKS UP!!! I haven’t fed my supressed inner PJism for a while, and the beast has reared it’s ugly head! :-/  So looking at it in this light, I feel a lot less guilty about the amount of money I have spent over the past few days. (The excuses we make to make ourselves…LOL)

shampoo bar

Rosemary Nettle Hair Shampoo Soap Bar from Elegant Rose Boutique

My latest indulgence…Shampoo bars!!!! I’ve been wanting to give these a whirl for awhile now. I like the fact that they are all natural, at least the ones that I ordered are. I’m really considering going this route with my products to see if the health of my improves any better. I ordered three nourishing bars for $6.00 each, which was very competitively priced when compared to others I’ve researched. Of course, there were shipping fees ($7.50 for all three), but I figure I’d spend the same amount. if not more, in gas driving from store to store. (OK…I admit it, I’m just lazy! I’ll pay the fees for the convenience of online shopping, rather than getting out and searching for what I want.)

So, I was perusing Etsy.com and came upon Elegant Rose Boutique. I started to reading descriptions and positive reviews of her shampoo bars and soaps and the next thing I knew, I’d placed a order! It’s like that with me some times. It’s been a blessing as well as a curse at times. LOL Anyhoo, I’m excited and can’t wait for them to get here so I can try them out!!! I will most definitely do a review of them!

Have you used shampoo bars before? If so, did you like them? What kinds have you used? If you didn’t like them, why?