My Locs Update – 19 Months


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I’m glad to report that after the fiasco with my last loc retwist, my hair is still heathy and there were no adverse effects. WHEW!!!! I dreaded going back to my original loctician, having to explain my poor decision making. But, it was a non-issue. It wasn’t even brought up. That was a lesson learned.

That being said, here is what my locs look like today, at 19 months.

I ❤️ this shot! Length and texture. What’s not to ❤️?
More texture ❤️
And more texture ❤️

My Locs Update – I Made a Horrible Mistake

Sooooo, last month I made a horrible mistake. I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I went against one of my biggest rules…when you find a good hair stylist, stick with her.

My loctician is about an hour away from me. After making that drive for the past year and a half, it has grown old on me. I wanted to find someone closer to home. Here’s where my problem started. I login to a FB group that supports black owned business that I’m a member of and ask for recommendations. I get about five or six and I reach out to them. I request photos and ask about their licensing and experience with installing and maintaining locs. I did my due diligence. After speaking with a young lady for a couple of days, I thought she’d be good about her. After contemplating about it a few more days, I put down the deposit and scheduled an appointment.

Over the course of next couple of weeks leading up to the appointment, I kept getting a nagging feeling about it. I reach out to her and ask about the products she uses. It should have been another red flag when she stated that she uses JAM gel, which my normal loctician is TOTALLY against. At that moment I wished I’d thought to ask that question initially. I asked could so bring my own products and she said that would be fine. My SO said to me several times that I would regret the decision and that I should just continue drive since it’s only once a month. I went back and forth with myself about cancelling the appointment. I didn’t want to lose my deposit, which in hindsight should have been irrelevant.

The day of the appointment arrived and as I am halfway to the salon, I realize I’d forgotten my products. A moment of dread crept over me, but I journeyed on. When I arrived at the shop, I felt a bit better. It was decent, clean, and they had a COVID protocol in place. The loctician was a nice young lady. We were able to hold a conversation, which was a pleasant surprise as I usually don’t like to talk during my service. I like to see relax and have some peace and quiet. During this conversation there was another red flag. We were talking about the initial stages of growing locs and how impressed she was with the amount of growth I’ve had in such a short period of time (less than two years). I mentioned the use of a conditioner and she made a statement conditioners aren’t needed with locs. Daily use of a leave-in and a conditioner during washing has been a staple since I’ve started my loc journey. (Insert huge sigh here.)

As she’s twisting my hair, my mind I try not to think about the products. I notice that the twisting doesn’t feel the same as usual…. her hand motions are different. However, after she’s done, my hair looks great. So, now I let out a sigh of relief, tell her I will schedule another appointment, and I leave.

Over the next few days, my hair starts to turn white and no matter how much I try to wipe the cast from the gel away, it doesn’t work. My locs start to feel different. Now insert fear here. Fast forward to today and that fear is still present today. I notice how my locs are not as puffy as they would normally be at this point. I’ve washed it and still not as puffy. I feel knots in many of them. Some of them are tight in areas then puffy and then tight again. I’m worried that the ends of some of them will break off because of how tight and thin they are.

I’ve made up my mind that I will continue to make that hour drive. I am ashamed that I will have to explain why my locs are different and that I wasn’t loyal. I will never make this mistake again. In the meantime, I’m hoping that any damage that may have been done is reversible.

Thin, puffy, and back to thin

My Locs Update – It’s been 17 months…


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…and I’m loving my locs more and more everyday. I finally have hang time, what I’ve been wanting since I started this journey. Now I kinda miss the the volume. But, I still have loc love!

8/10/2020 – 14 months
8/10/2020 – 14 months
9/12/2020 – 15 months
9/12/2020 – 15 months and 1st style
10/22/2020 – 16 months and styled for the 2nd time
11/27/20 – 17 months

My Locs Update – 10 Months


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So this week makes 10 months loc’d. Being that we are on a quarantine, I did my wash and retwist myself. It’s not as clean as it would have been had I gone to Dotie, but it’s fresh and neat. Loc❤in full effect!