My Locs Update – 8 months


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8 months 🔒’d…locs are flourishing. I’m enjoying this process.

My Locs Update – 7 months


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I did my first retwist myself today. It’s not perfect but I proved to myself that I could do it. I love how full it is now. 7 months

My Locs Update – 6 Months Loc’d


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6 months loc’d
Wash and retwist yesterday
I don’t notice much in length, but SHRINKAGE. 😬 But it appears to be doing what it’s supposed to do.
My loctician said my hair is healthy and adequately moisturized, which is good. I ❤ the texture and the fullness I now have in the back. Still ❤ing this journey.

My Locs Update – 5 Months Loc’d


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5 months loc’d…Had a wash and retwist today. My loctician, Dotie – Dreads by Dotie in Dallas, said that all is well and my hair is healthy. It has come a looonnggg way! Best part of the day…that scalp scrub though….OMGGGOSH..
was #orgasmic!!!

My Locs Update – 4 Months Loc’ed


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This week marked my 4th month being loc’ed. I am loving my hair and this journey. I have officially hit the “awkward” stage in the locing process that is normally referred to as the “ugly stage”. I must say that I haven’t seen anything ugly about my hair. Frustrating at times? Yes! A little reckless? Heck yea! Rebellious? Hell yes! But ugly? No! I actually think the the frizzy, puffiness as it’s started to sprout buds all over, gives it volume, shows the texture (which I ❤), and it covers all of the parts.

If there’s anything that I can say I dislike about my hair at this point, it would be the scalpiness…(is that a word??) It’s not as bad as it was when I first got my starter coils because it’s grown ALOT! But fresh retwists do make the scalp more visible and the hair flatter. But it’s less demanding I will say. Lol

Let’s talk about growth. As I mentioned above, my hair has grown ALOT since starting this loc journey. I’m sure it’s due to the fact that I am not manipulating it. When stretched, the hair on the sides is almost shoulder length. That’s quite a bit of growth in four months, being that my hair was only about 2 inches when I started this journey.

All in all, I can’t keep my hands out of my head! I absolutely ❤❤❤ed my hair as a loose natural, especially when it was longer. I really couldn’t control myself with running my fingers through it. Now, I find myself gently caressing my budding locs. All of the nuances of each individual loc excites me!

Some pics of the progess at this stage

Scalp is barely visible

After my retwist

I have a few of these attached to some of the ends. After asking around on IG I’ve been told that this is part of the process and to let them be. I’ve done that, but I’ve accidentally broken a couple as I’ve run my fingers through my hair to adjust the locs. I’m curious to see how they become part of the locs.