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As I’ve posted before, the crown of my head has always been a source of despair for me. This area always breaks really bad. Even when I was relaxed I had this same issue. Last year, I BCed again, BC number 4, because of the same breakage. My hair has grown back only to once again break off at my crown.


So here I am at this place where I’m attempting to regrow this area. I will not BC again. I’m going to have to figure out a way to do this without taking such a drastic step.

So, what am I doing to, in a sense, rehabilitate my hair? First off, I trimmed my ends. I also make sure to strictly follow my moisturizing routine, once in the morning and at night. I co-wash every 2-3 days to remove any product build up and I have been doing a moisturizing, deep conditioning weekly, with a protein deep conditioning once a month. Hot oil treatments are incorporated when I deep condition. I shampoo every other week to prevent excess dryness. Since I rarely use products with silicones, this has been sufficient. Lastly, I try not put the least amount of stress on my hair as possible when styling. I’ve been sticking to this regimen for the past two months and have experienced very little breakage or shedding. Hopefully these measures will be adequate enough to resolve my breakage problem and help my hair grow back healthy.