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As I twisted my hair tonight, I was surprised and amazed at how much my hair had grown, the crown in particular.  The hair at the crown of my head, which was shorter than an inch at the time, was the sole reason that I BCed again last summer. This month marked a year. Although I was devastated that I had to start all over again, when I look at my hair now, I realize it was well worth it.

This was my hair at the crown this time last year.

It may be hard to tell how short it actually was from this picture.

This is my hair after I cut it AGAIN…



I actually liked my TWA once it was cut. Those coils in the bottom picture were giving life! Lol

Here is my hair now at the crown a year later.

Unstretched…last look at those curls!
Stretched hair…

I took excellent care of my hair this time around and it paid off! What a difference a year makes! This makes me ☺.