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So, I have challenged myself to take extra special care of my ends. It is a never ending battle trying to keep these bad boys moisturized. The issue with my ends is ultimately the reason why I BCed again last summer. I ain’t trying to go there again.

The past few days I’ve been using shea butter on my ends to see what effect it would have. My hair has been soft, but it has also been greasy. I hate touching my hair and getting that greasy film on my fingers. I also don’t want to leave grease stains behind on any place I might rest my head. Maybe I need to use less. I’m not giving up on it completely yet.

OK…so this evening I baggied my hair. I’d planned on doing the ends only but I had to do my whole head because my hair isn’t long enough for me to just cover the ends with the bag. But this time I made sure that my ends were slathered with conditioner. I left the baggy on for about 4 hours instead of overnight since I was doing a protein treatment because my ends have breaking really bad. If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning, you may recall the horrible experience I had the first time I used the baggy method – I did it overnight and woke up to mushy, soggy hair that started to shed a lot.

Well, this time I noticed a big difference. My ends were moisturized and my hair was soft, but not soggy as before. Lately, when I’ve applied my leave in, I’d have hair covering my hands as I raked through it. This time there was none! So I’m guessing the protein was definitely needed.

Tonight I’m trying Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Conditioner.


This line is paraben free. The consistency is the same as Hello Hydration and about the same amount of slip. I didn’t have a problem detangling my hair (something I rarely do). It has a light, citrusy, minty scent. I like that fact that it has rosemary and peppermint oils in it. I sealed my ends with grape seed oil and let my hair air dry slightly before twisting. My twists were plump and juicy like I like them and my ends were nicely sealed and smooth. The jury is still out on whether they will stay smooth and hydrated. I will update.


Ends moisturized, smooth, and nicely sealed