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Well, I have decided to have kinky twists installed for the summer. I want to put my hair away for away for awhile. My hair grew tremendously the last time that it was twisted. So, I’m going to put it away and let it do it’s thing. I’m a bit nervous about being able to keep it moisturized while it is twisted, but from what I’ve read on other blogs, it can be done. I will have to be vigilant about keeping it moisturized in order to prevent damage and excessive damage.

In order to prep my hair, I’m in the process of deep conditioning with Shea Moisture Smooth & Repair Nourishing Masque and Bee Mine Bee-U-TI- Ful Deep Conditioner. (I used the Bee Mine only because I didn’t have enough of the Shea Moisture). I will also be doing a bentonite clay mask to give my hair some extra nourishment and hot oil treatment. Yes, I’m giving my hair the works prior to this install. I know better now not to.

I JUST received a text message as I typed this post that stated she will be blowing my hair out in order to straighten my hair our before installing the twists. This scares the heck out of my because I have not used direct heat like that on my hair in almost three years!!! When I had them done previously the person that did them did not straighten my hair. (Although at that time I wouldn’t have cared a bit because I wasn’t into my natural hair then). But now!!!! This is freaking my out!!! So, now I need to research a heat protectant so I can run to the store and get something ASAP!!!! YIKES!!!!