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I really would like to blog more, but it just seems like everything that I would have to write about would be redundant, a repeat of my very first posts to my blog. However, I’m going to try to post more.

Over the past few months, I’ve learned so much about my hair. I mean, I thought I’d already figured out all there was to know about it, but I was wrong. The hair that was on my head before I BCed again was so different. Since I’d worn twists for months, my hair grew without me being able to experience it.

My hair before wasn’t healthy due to all of the trauma I’d put it through while wearing the twists. It wasn’t healthy, so it took so much work trying to make it appear healthy. I was able to make it look nice, but it was not in it’s best state.

Since cutting my hair and starting all over, I’ve really been able to learn my hair. I’ve been able to experience it as it’s growing. Now that it’s healthy, I’ve noticed that I don’t have to force a curl pattern, it’s already there, naturally with no product needed.

Here are photos of my curls after a wash and deep conditioning.