I’ve been MIA for awhile and it’s strange for me. I’d come to love blogging about my hair progress, but since I cut my hair again, I don’t really have much to blog about being that I can’t really do too much experimentation with my TWA.

An update on my hair…I can say that it is growing and it’s healthy. It has grown quite a bit over the past 3 months. I haven’t attempted to do a length check or anything, but I estimate I’ve gotten about 2 inches of new growth, which is pretty good.

Currently, I’m using my usual products: Hello Hydration for my leave in, but I’ve also started using Kinky Curly Knot Today. I think it works well for my hair and I plan on keeping it in my regimen. I’m also trying Carol’s Daughter’s Black Vanilla Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner and Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade. I’m really liking, the pomade and plan on continuing to use it as well, but I have made up my mind about the leave in. I’m not sure whether it has been a benefit to my hair’s progress. As for oils, my staples are still in rotation, EVOO and grapeseed oils.

I’ve been washing my hair every two weeks with a deep condition anywhere from every two weeks to once a month, depending how I’m feeling and what my hair seems to need. I’ve taken a much more laid back approach to my wash routine and my hair does not seem to be suffering in any way.

Last month, I read Black Zulu’s post about a twist out she’d done on her TWA and I’ve been wanting to try it every since. I finally got around to twisting my hair tonight. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it works for me. I’m really needing a change. I miss my twist outs! I will update tomorrow.

I hope all is well with all of my fellow bloggers and that you’re making positive strides in your journeys, whatever they may be.