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Weeeelllll!!!! IT IS DONE!



Wow!!! This was the hardest one of all! I didn’t have a problem cutting all of my hair off the first two times I did it. I think mainly because I was relaxed, I didn’t do much work to get the length that I had, and I was comfortable. Comfortable…I think that’s a keyword…

However this time, I had worked HARD for the length and every bit of progress I’d made. I had put my blood, sweat, and tears into my hair for over a year!

Making that first cut took me awhile to do! But now that it’s done…BIG SIGH!!! I feel so relieved! No more stressing over my damaged hair…I’m starting from scratch!

I’m a bit anxious because although I’ve BCed before, I put a texturizer in it afterwards so I could technically treat it like relaxed hair. Then I had kinky twists installed until it grew out. This time it’s ALL NATURAL!!!

I can’t stop touching and looking at it. It looks so different from what I’d gotten used to over the past months. I’ve gotta learn my hair all over again. OK…I think I’m going into a state of shock as I continue to type. Wow!


Well, I guess all I can say now is… MY NEW JOURNEY BEGINS!!! YIKES! 🙂