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…FINE! Not, fine as in good, OK, or alright. Fine as in its texture. I never would have guessed that. I knew it wasn’t thick or coarse. I just never knew what it was nor did I really care. I became curious about my hair’s texture after I kept reading other bloggers posts about their strands being fine, medium, or coarse/thick. So I started doing what I do best…researching!

Come to find out, it’s easy to determine your hair’s texture…just compare it to a strand of thread or ah hmmm, errr, ummm, the hairs from your nether region. *GASPS* As truth would have it, the hairs down under are thick and coarse in comparison to the hair on our heads. Don’t believe me? Compare and see! Hahahaha *side eyeing myself*


Keeping in good taste - a strand of my hair and a strand of thread is shown

OK…so…my hair is much thinner than the thread and slightly thinner than the uhhhhh…you know! *blushing & covering my eyes*

How this works is as follows. In comparison to the width of the thread:
Thinner = fine
Same = medium
Thicker = thick/coarse

Of course, this is only a guideline. As any follower of my blog knows, I’m not into hair typing. But this does explain a lot about why my hair behaves as it does. I now understand why it won’t stand up or have volume like I want it to at times; why certain products work well on my hair, while others don’t. My hair always feels weighed down by heavier products, for example, which I usually tend to lean toward. If nothing more, I can use this information to help me recognize hairstyles that I can achieve with my hair, as well as assist in making better product selections and stop wasting my money!