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For the first time in over a year, I had thoughts of relaxing my hair. :-/

I was standing in the mirror, frustrated with the results of a less than stellar twist out and the thought creeped into my mind. Frustration will do that to you; make you contemplate doing something that you will probably regret doing after it’s all said and done. It will bring to the forefront of your mind memories that should probably remain just that…memories.

As I stood there in the mirror, I had flashbacks of how easy it was to maintain my hair when it was relaxed. Yes, it was fried into the bone straight strands by chemicals, but it also thrived. What a contradiction! Nonetheless, it’s true. My hair grew! I didn’t have broken patches in my head that I had to work futilely to hide. It wasn’t persistently dry or ravaged by split ends. I didn’t have strands of hair covering the sink and floor every time I combed it, let alone touched it. It didn’t resist every attempt I made at keeping it healthy. I loved it and it seemed to love me in return.

Frustration…dammit…I’m so frustrated right now!!!