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Zits and dark spots at my age is a no-no! It’s bad enough that I’m seeing fine lines and wrinkles. I’m far too old to start dealing with this foolery. So recovery mode is in full effect.

I’m not changing the direction of my blog, although this post is regarding my skin. It is indirectly related to my hair since it is the reason this is occurring. Well, my hair really isn’t, but more or less my attempts at growing my hair.

I have been taking Biotin supplements consistently for the past few months. As anyone who has taken Biotin before probably knows, they can cause hair growth in other areas, in addition to your head. Uhhh yea…so as if that’s not bad enough, I’m also a picker…I like to pick at things. So when these hairs spring up, I pick and pull at them until I finally pull it out. The end result sometimes is an ugly dark spot. I often wonder why I continue to do this when I know what’s going to happen. I have yet to make sense of it.

Needless to say, I’ve decided to tackle this issue using good old, ol’ school Ambi Fade Cream. I’ve used this years ago but I can’t recall how effective it was. It was on sale for less than $5 so I figured I would see how it works. I decided to use my blog to track my results since it seems to be the easiest.

Today is Day 1. (I can’t believe I’m posting these pics).


Right side – cheek


Right side – chin


Left side – cheek


Neck area