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Lately, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research and reading about natural and organic products for my delicate tresses. I’ve been really conscientious and deliberate about providing the TLC my hair needs in an effort to get it to it’s healthiest state. I am contemplating taking my hair care a step further by using only all natural products as much as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not one of those who shun products because they have “cones” and/or parabens or sulfates in the ingredients list. I’ve used many of them, and still do at the moment. My hair has thrived in doing so. However, I wonder if by removing the synthetic ingredients from my products, if my hair will flourish more. My research continues.

On that note…as I’ve done my research and reading, I came across this illustration for DIY Hair Masks. I’ve tried a few DIY recipes and I like mixing and creating my own washes, rinses, masks, gels, etc. It’s usually much cheaper on the pocketbook, we tend to have most of the ingredients already in our fridges and pantries, and we get much more product, which equals more bang for the buck! Some of these I’ve tried myself already. Maybe you will try them as well.


Ingredients benefits for hair:

Eggs – because eggs contain lots of protein they help rebuild damaged hair by filling in weakened spots along the hair strand, which temporarily strengthens the hair, enhance hair growth and thickness, revitalizes dull hair.

Banana – contains potassium which strengthens and helps damaged hair; can increase the moisture content of your hair, smooth frizz, soothe your itchy scalp, and adds sheen; alleviates hair loss.

Avocado – adds shine and luster to hair as well as preventing hair loss, high in vitamin B which promotes hair growth, nourishes and improves the condition of your hair by acting as a moisturizer for dry or damaged hair high in vitamins E which repairs scalp damage, makes hair less dry and prone to breakage

Honey – it’s a humectant which means that it helps attract and retain moisture, an anti-irritant, fights frizz, helps prevent split ends, it’s also and emollient which makes gair soft and smooth, makes hair shiny and luxurious, it’s antibacterial and antioxidant properties are beneficial in keeping the scalp healthy and promoting hair growth.

Strawberries – add moisture and sheen, prevents alopecia and hair thinning, fights dandruff and prevents fungal growth.

Baking Soda – cleanses, restores and regulates hair’s pH

Apple Cider Vinegar – restores and maintains pH balance, removes build up, adds sheen, protects from hair loss, prevents and treats scalp conditions like dandruff and itchy scalp, stimulates hair follicle for growth.

Jojoba Oil – closest molecular structure to sebum, which is the natural oil produced by our scalp, easy to penetrate and absorb into the hair shaft, moisturizes the hair shaft

Lemon Juice – treats excessively oil scalp,
their alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate dead cells, which treats and prevents dandruff, prevents scalp infections, helps manage porosity, health, and shine, can provide highlights and/or lighten hair.

Yogurt – protein content in yogurt provides ample nourishment and strengthening to the hair without making it dull or dry; the zinc and lactic acid properties help stimulate blood circulation which aids growth; great natural conditioner for dry and damaged hair and helps gain and retain lost moisture; makes hair more manageable; treats damaged hair, alleviates hair loss, contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help stimulate hair growth by acting as a natural cleanser and helps get rid of dandruff; the anti-bacterial benefits of yogurt help soothe the scalp and reduce itchiness.

Mayonnaise – contains L-cysteine, an amino acid and powerful antioxidant found in eggs that can give your hair strength, shine and structure; restore moisture and vitality to your strands, creates a coating on hair strands and hence protects it from the sun, restores pH, protect your hair from all the harmful effects of styling products, helps replenish and repair damage, helps stop breakage.

** As with all DIY hair treatments, do your own research and exercise precaution when it comes to using them to maintain the health of your hair. Ingredients may work differently when mixed at home, rather than when used commercially where there are other chemicals added.

All treatments do not provide exactly the same results for everyone due to the fact that our hair is different and responds to treatments as such.