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Uhhhhh so, yeah…I’ve been using the Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter for the past three days so I can provide an update.

First things first, I HATE THE SMELL OF IT!!! The scent smells artifical and nothing like coconut (it’s supposed to be coconut cream). It reminds me of medicine. In my first review, I mentioned that the smell was not appealing but it wasn’t overpowering. Well I’m now guessing that had to do with the fact that it was disguised by other products; because right now that’s the only product I have in my hair and it’s lingering and is very noticeable. I keep asking myself what is that awful smell then I remember it’s my hair.

I’m on 3rd day hair and I didn’t reapply product last night since I only pinned it back and didn’t retwist. I did on day one though because I retwisted. I still had some curl definition left this morning, although yesterday it did start to get a little puffy after I went out in the heat. This is definitely not a product with holding potential, at least not for my hair.

The reason I bought this butter was to be able to use it on my hair in its dry state. I was able to put it to the test today since my hair is stretched. I reapplied product this morning because my hair can’t go too many days without moisturizing. I’m disappointed to say that Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter fell short of my expectations. My hair is frizzy and it left a greasy film on my hair. Previously I used other products on top of this butter and maybe that’s why I didn’t notice this before. My hair felt moisturized for a few minutes but after a while, not so much. It wasn’t really dry, but it wasn’t moist either. When I can hear rustling of my strands when I rub them together, I know my hair is lacking moisture.

A plus…this product works well on wet hair, which is how the directions recommend to use it. However, that’s not meeting the need of why I purchased it. I will use the rest of this but I probably won’t repurchase since I already have a product that works just as well.

(Meant to take pics but I forgot and LOCed my hair – using the Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter for my cream).

** It looks like the company is selective in the product reviews that they post on their website. I provided my review of this product (pretty much the same one that is posted here about my experience with it) and it was held for review. Evidently, they didn’t like my review because it has yet to be posted on the website. Maybe this is why there are only glowing reviews of this product on the website. That’s shady to say the least. If I had any intentions on purchasing this product again, I won’t be now. **