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Product Description

Turbie Twist is the original super absorbent hair towel that stays in place! Featuring a unique tapered design, the Turbie Twist allows for a perfect fit on all head sizes. Now made with 100% Microfiber, the Turbie Twist is functional, comfortable, and lightweight!

Features of the Turbie Twist

  • Super Absorbent Microfiber
  • One Size Fits All
  • Twist and Loop System
  • Lightweight
  • Machine Washable

When I first saw this hair towel, I thought, what a waste of money that is. I walked away, but then there was this faint whisper, calling me back. “Come check me out again! Come on! One more time!” As I slowly made my way back to where they were located on the aisle, I’d make up in my mind that I wasn’t going to buy it. Why should I? I have a good ol’ t-shirt at home that works just fine. Fast forward 10 minutes or so…I was home pulling it out of my shopping bag! I’m weak, OK!!! 😉

So, this towel is super cute, and SUPER soft!!!! Actually, it’s much softer than my ol’ t-shirt! I love microfiber. Outside of the softness, it also absorbs water well which means faster drying time, and it’s gentle on the hair.



I used this towel for the first time on wash day and it did not disappoint. I left it on for about 10 minutes and my hair was pretty much dry when I took it off. As a matter of fact, my hair was dryer than I usually would like it to be. I had to spritz it with water to re-wet it in order to style. The package says SUPER-ABSORBENT and that’s no exaggeration.

The Turbie Twist is simple to use – just place the hooded part at the nape of your neck, make sure your hair is underneath the towel, twist a few times, pull the twisted part back, and secure in the loop. And whala!!!! It stays put!


I would definitely recommend the Turbie Twist if you like cutesy hair accessories!