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I’ve known for awhile that my hair needed a trim. My ends have been scraggly, rough, and see through – all signs of damage. And the fact that I’ve had a mild case of Trichotillomania forever has not helped it, since this is the area that i tend to pick at. I have been looking for a stylist that specializes in doing natural hair, but I am leery of letting just anyone touch my hair these days; something I never really thought about when I was relaxed.

Soooo, this afternoon I trimmed my ends! *gasp, gasp, gasp* Yesterday was wash day and as I moisturized my hair, I couldn’t get past how dry my ends still felt. Same thing today. Without a second thought, well I’m lying, I thought very hard about how my length would be affected. But I also realized my hair could not be healthy with those ends. It had been a year since I’d trimmed it. So I grabbed my shears and went to work.

Look at all of those dead ends!


I was a bit traumatized, but I know this was good for my hair. The health of my hair is more important. When it’s healthy, the length will come. I moisturized AGAIN and sealed AGAIN…now my hair feels so much better to the touch and my curls are really defined.

Is it hard for you to trim your hair?