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Product Description

Hot Head is a unique microwavable deep conditioning heat cap created by a professional hair stylist. It offers an easy and stylish way to achieve the results of a salon quality conditioning treatment at home. Each Hot Head is handmade with love, and constructed from quality natural materials.


Cotton, Terry Cloth, flaxseeds, elastic

How to use

I ordered this product from ThermalHairCare.com after I saw a post by Rece, fellow blogger and author of A Hair Story. I received it really quickly after placing my order. I ordered it on June 24th and shipped the same day from Colorado. It was delivered to me in Texas on June 26th by USPS Priority 2 Day Mail. It made me feel very good about this company because they care enough to provide their customers with fast turn around times. Point for Thermal Hair Care!


Purple Paisley Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap





I was very excited about this product and couldn’t wait for wash day to get here so I could use it. I love the fact that I can wear this heat cap and still move around and do other things, like right now, I’m sitting in bed, typing this review. Feels good not to be sitting under a dryer. The heat is adequate and concentrated on my head, instead of baking my face, back, and shoulders as would be the case with the hooded dryer.



I’m very conscientious about my dollars! So, yasssss, Hunnies!!! I use a plastic shopping bag to cover my hair for my hot oil and deep conditioning treatments! I figure, why spend money when I don’t have to?!?! I always have plenty of these around, as I don’t use my reusable shopping bags like I should (I should really start back doing that – but then I wouldn’t have my bags!! But I digress…), and they serve the purpose. Don’t judge me! LOL BTW, please pardon my shiny face in the pics – I was also in the process of doing an oil cleanse.

According to the website and the directions that came with the heat cap, it should provide at least 30 minutes of heat. I left it in the microwave the recommended two minutes and that provided only about half the amount of time for heating. After about 15 minutes, I placed it back in the microwave for another two minutes. It was still a bit warm, but not enough to last another 15 minutes I don’t think. However, I could tell that it was working because I could feel the heat on my head after I removed the cap to reheat it. At first it didn’t seem as if there was enough heat on the sides, but that was easily corrected by distributing the flaxseeds further down into the pockets. The heat seems to be more concentrated and last longer at the top of my head. The sides cool off a lot faster. I used the deep conditioning cap for my hot oil treatment, which I left on for about 30 minutes and I only had to heat it twice. Not too bad.

I’m very happy that I purchased this deep conditioning cap. I think it will become a regular part of my hair maintenance regimen. The only complaint that I have is that I wish the side would stay warm as long as the top. But in the grand scheme of things, I can deal with this for the convenience I’m getting. This deep conditioning cap is a winner in my book! Now off to deep condition…

Click here for more information about the Hot Heads Deep Conditioning Cap or if you would like to grab one for yourself!