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I’m not one to be brand loyal, meaning I don’t necessary purchase products because it was manufactured by a particular company. I purchase products that have worked for me, regardless of brand. This may seem harsh and may also be unforgiving, but I don’t strictly patronize African American companies. I work hard for my money and I have to make it, as well as my hair care products, stretch. That being said, I’ve been wanting to try these products for some time. I read some positive reviews of them for the most part, and I wanted to see how they would work for my hair.

wpid-20140623_213804.jpgTwisted Sista Curl Activator – When I first saw this, it took me back in time to when I wore my hair in a curl! LOL…The words “curl activator” are a bit nostalgic. Anyhoo, it says that it activates curls, eliminates frizz, and blocks out humidity. That appealed to me right away. My hair sucks up humidity like nobody’s business! It also states that this products provides UV protection from the harmful, curl damaging rays of the sun. The reviews on this product have been mediocre. People either seem to love it or hate it. I’m curious as to how my hair will respond to it.






wpid-20140623_213817.jpgShea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist – I’ve seen this product being used in many YouTube videos. I’d been hesitant to buy it because I believe that water is the BEST moisturizer and it’s FREE, well kinda free. I’ve had pretty good success with Shea Moisture products, so I broke down and bought it. It claims to eliminate frizz, as well as add moisture and shine, and adding curl control.








Dark and Lovely au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Shampoo and Conditioner – A girlfriend of mine suggested I try these. She swears by these products. I also saw a pic that Mahoganycurls (If you don’t know who she is in the natural hair and YouTube community, you have been living under a rock!) posted on her Instagram. Her hair was so shiny. Her hair is a different texture than mine, so I’m still curious to see how it works for me. These products are for all hair types. These products are free of minerals, parabens, and petrolatum, which I’m not totally against, but thought it was worth noting. The shampoo claims to be quick lathering and restores moisture to the hair and scalp. The conditioner claims to give slip, make hair easy to detangle, protect from dryness, and adds softness to the hair. I’ve been using Shea Moisture to shampoo and condition my hair and I used the last of it this past weekend, so I’m excited to see if these claims hold up.

I will be writing a review about each of these products soon.