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This post has nothing to do with hair, but I needed to write it. We will be euthanizing our beloved dog, Sampson, in a couple of hours. My heart is hurting at the thought of this. However, I cannot be selfish and let him continue to suffer for our sakes.

We were just told that he has cancer that has invaded both of his lungs and another tumor pressing on his heart. The thought of what I will soon be doing to him is killing me to my core. But seeing him as he is now, in pain and struggling to breath, hurts just as much.

Knowing that Sampy has had a good life provides some comfort. For 12 years he has given us so much joy and unconditional love. As my heart breaks in two right now, it is this that lets me know it will eventually mend. This does not make what I have to do any easier.

I have been consoling my boys all morning but our tears still fall. We can’t imagine what our house will be like without him here. No more warm welcomes and sloppy kisses when we walk through the door; no more waking up and staring into those big brown eyes that eagerly await for us to get out of bed each morning; no more leg humps; no more chasing him through the house to get him to the bathtub after he realizes it’s bath time; no more tail wagging, doggy hiccups, snotty sneezes, or stinky dog farts. But when it’s all said and done…no more cancer.

Our dear, Sampson, you have been a loyal, loving, faithful companion. We love you and will surely miss you! Godspeed…