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I am in ❤ with EcoStyler gel right now!!! If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have not been too fond of EcoStyler. I’d been using the Cristal and I hated how it turned white, left a residue, flaked up in my hair, and how stiff and dry my hair was when I used it. Well I guess all EcoStyler gels aren’t created equally! Because (I know I shouldn’t start a sentence with because) I decided to try this one here…


…and I’m loving how soft my hair is! It isn’t stiff and it doesn’t look dry. My curls are nice and defined. So far, I’m giving this gel two thumbs up!

I wanted to include a photo, but I’m having issues with the camera focusing correctly and couldn’t get a good one, which sucks. I will try to get one tomorrow.