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Sooooo I was able to wear my twist/braid out for three days! I got so many compliments on it! It was full and my curls held up pretty good after I found a way to defeat the air humidity. (I moisturized it, sealed, and applied alot of gel!) Curls lasted for three days (even with my workouts), well actually through today but they were super stretched and I didn’t like the look. So I pulled it up in a stretched curl puff!


Super stretched curls – unfluffed


Curly puff – done in the car because I was running late…so it’s not perfect

Tonight before bed, I washed my hair and moisturized it well. It was time for it to get a good moisturizing. My hair can’t go too many days without being watered, just like a plant, to prevent shedding and maximize growth.

Oh yeah, the length check that I mentioned is coming soon.