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Since the twist out that I did last weekend was an EPIC failure, I’ve resolved to working at it until I get a decent one. So I tried again this weekend. Instead of a two strand or flat twist out, this time I did a three strand or braid out as I’ve heard it called. Last night I washed my hair using Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo and then conditioned using Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner, two of my staple products. I left the conditioner in my hair as I showered and then rinsed using warm water. I then applied Aussie Moist conditioner, another one of my staples, as my leave in. Afterwards, I sealed using…you aren’t going to believe this, but I sealed using some coconut oil hair grease. Yes, I said grease! I will share more about this in my next post. After sealing, I let my hair dry about 85% before doing three strand twists/braids (6 twists. I let my hair air dry quite a bit and then covered with my satin scarf before going to bed.


Three strand twist with double strand twist at the bottom to create a curl


ORS Coconut Oil hair grease used to seal my ends

This morning applied oil to my fingers and then untwisted my hair. I separated the twists to create volume . (For some reason my camera isn’t focusing, so some pics may not be very clear)


Results of my three strand twist/braid out


For the most part I’m liking this twist/braid out. I was able to fluff it out to get big hair! The only complaint that I have about it is, that the roots are too straight, so next time I will probably do more smaller twists so I can get closer to the roots. I’m still having issues with the back. The hair still has no curl pattern, which is very frustrating. Hopefully doing smaller twists next time will help this area as well. So, as I said, I liked my hair today. Tonight I will retwist (smaller) and attempt 2nd day hair tomorrow. I will definitely update!