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Over the course of the past few months, I’ve adapted a much simpler hair regimen. And boy, what a difference has it made in time, as well as my hair! In the beginning, as I was learning to care for my hair in it’s natural state, I was trying to adopt way too many products and techniques. Every time I would watch a video, I would try to incorporate techniques that I saw being used into my regimen, which soon became too taxing and time consuming. Experience is definitely a good teacher! Since I’ve learned more about my hair and what makes it thrive, I’ve been able to tweak my regimen.

As I thought about all of the many techniques I tried to incorporate into to maintaining my hair, it made me think about what my mom used to do to maintain my hair as a kid. She didn’t do all of the co-washing, leave ins, deep conditioning, protective styling, and so on and so forth. She would simply wash and condition my hair and then apply hair grease and brush into my pretty pony tails. And believe it or not, this worked!!! So, I once again decided to make a change to a simpler regimen and do what works for me and not what I’ve seen working for others that was not benefiting my hair in any way.

Here is how my regimen has changed:

* No longer am I washing weekly. I now wash my hair once a month.

* No longer am I deep conditioning weekly. I deep condition when I feel like my hair needs it, which tend to be once a month, on wash day.

* No longer do I stress over trying to avoid “cones” like a plague! My hair likes them, so I use products that contain them. If I start to notice build up, I simply co-wash as needed.

* My hair likes hot water! Yes, that’s right! Hot water isn’t taboo where my hair is concerned. I wet my hair with hot water to moisture. This makes absolute sense to me since heat open the cuticles. Afterwards, I apply my leave in and seal.

* I use hair grease as a sealant! And yes, it contains petrolatum! I don’t grease my scalp with it, so no my hair follicles aren’t clogged up. I simply apply to my ends as I would any other oil. And yes, my hair loves it! My coils are tight, springy, and well moisturized.

* I still moisturize twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. I’ve noticed that my hair tends to dry out and I have more shedding when I don’t.

* I still DO NOT use protective styling. I do try to do low maintenance styling, however. I love my natural hair and I LOVE wearing it out. Protective styling doesn’t allow for this. So, I just make sure that I’m gentle when manipulating my hair and I keep my hands out of it. (A lesson learned the hard way!)

* I still use LOC, sometimes LCO, and EASE when moisturizing.

Now that I’ve made these changes to my regimen, I’m happier and so is my hair. It’s not breaking, falling out, dry, or unhealthy. My hair is thriving and growing. I think we sometimes get caught up in the ideals and theory that we neglect to experiment and see what works for us. What works for one may not work for another. But we won’t know without experimenting.