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It seems like it has been FOREVER since I’ve blogged! It has been awhile mainly because not much has been going on with my hair. I guess I had a lot more to blog about over the past six months because I was still learning my hair. Now that I’ve pretty much gotten her figured out, I don’t have much to write about without becoming redundant.

But, I have something to write about tonight! My hair seems to have overcome the scalp issue that I’d been dealing with for the past couple of months! (Click here and here to read about that). I’ve been consistent with moisturizing, but I tweaked my regimen a bit. I’ve still been washing weekly to get rid of any build up, however I’ve started doing my deep condition and hot oil treatment every other week. I also added aloe vera juice to my spray bottle – 1/2 water, 1/2 aloe vera juice, and some castor oil. I moisturize my hair 1-2 daily depending on what she needs. But once a day has been sufficient lately. I guess my hair is liking it because it’s growing and my scalp is healthy once again. Length check coming soon…