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I pre-pooed last night and washed this afternoon. While doing so, I observed my scalp. Most of the dry patches were gone and I was able to gently scratch up the rest. I didn’t notice any more broken off areas. However, I am having quite a bit of shedding. In doing more research, I came across a few women who mentioned on their blogs that they had deep conditioned overnight and it over-conditioned their hair which led to excessive shedding. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all. Now I have I nurse my hair back.

I didn’t deep condition today – I deep a regular wash with my Shea Moisture Restorative Shampoo. I did my standard ACV rinse, along with the honey rinse I’ve been incorporating the past few weeks. Afterwards, I saturated my hair with aloe vera juice and then LCOed. I decided to see how my hair would respond to changing the order. For my leave-in I used a mixture of Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner, Aussie Moist, & Hello Hydration (my favorite conditioners). Instead of sealing with EVOO this time since it usually sits on my hair, I decided to try grapeseed and almond oils since they are lighter.

The result? Pretty nice coils along with massive shrinkage!

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