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So last night I massaged my edges with JBCO and aloe vera gel. Can’t say that it made much of a difference. But I’m sure it will take time and consistent use before I’m able to tell if it’s helping or not.

After work I came home, took my hair down, and observed my scalp. I noticed that it is very dry and when I scratched it, it started to flake. I went through my whole head and gently scratched and it flaked. I’m starting to think that I could possibly be dealing with severe dryness and dandruff. Now I don’t understand why this would be. I do hot weekly hot oil treatments but then again, other than that I never oil my scalp. Being that I slept with conditioner and oil in my hair overnight one would assume that my scalp would be sufficiently oiled right now.

Could the products have dryed my scalp? Is it possible for my scalp to be so dry after all of that? I guess it is possible because that’s exactly what it looks like. I haven’t noticed anymore breakage or areas where it looks as if my hair is falling out. Thank you, God for that!

I’ve been researching about scalp psoriasis and folliculitis and from what I’ve read symptoms are the scalp would be covered with silvery flakes, which is not what I have on my scalp. So I’m pretty much ruling that out for the time being. However, I also found that dandruff can be caused by irritated, dry skin (known as Seborrheic dermatitis), reactions to certain products (which I’m starting to think is my problem), dry skin (which we all know), stress (which I’ve had plenty of!), yeast (don’t know why I would suddenly have this issue), and a host of other reasons.

So I’m going to oil my scalp really good and keep massaging with the oil and aloe vera gel and see if this resolves the problem. *crossing eyes, fingers, and toes*