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Well, I was quite happy with my hair today. I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like when I woke up this morning since I tried a different procedure last night. After my good blogging friend, author of Islandkynks, read that I re-twist my hair every night, she figured that has to be a simpler way to do it. So, she started scouring the internet and YouTube to help me out. She came upon this video by Whitney, YouTube vlogger Naptural85.

I’m always concerned about disturbing my curls. After I spend the time twisting it, it’s disheartening to lose the definition through excessive manipulation. My concern with the video was that my curls would be too flat and loose. But I decided to try it anyway. If there is another way to prep my hair at night outside of re-twisting every night, I’m game. I didn’t completely wrap my hair as shown in the video – I just wasn’t comfortable stretching the curls out so much. So I tweaked it a bit…I pulled the sides back gently and loosely pinned them. I did the same thing to the top and then covered with my satin bonnet instead of the scarf, praying that my hair wouldn’t turn on me overnight. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well, trying to make sure that I didn’t flatten my curls too much. Can you say doing too much??? SMH

nighttime pinned

Pinned back on the sides with bobby pins

Look at that texture!!! Why would one want to disturb that??? :)

Look at that texture!!! Why would one want to disturb that??? 🙂

So, how did this workout??? Not too bad actually. I didn’t snap any pics this morning due to time (I’m always rushing to get ready in the mornings!). The only issue that I had was that the curls didn’t want to fall flat anymore since they had been pinned back. But with a little picking at the roots for some volume and then pinning a few areas with bobby pins, I was able to work it out.

Another thing that I noticed, my hair got fluffier throughout the day as it took in moisture. I contribute that to the honey rinse. The difference this time??? My curls actually held up and still looked good, unlike the other instances when this happened before. I’m not sure why that’s the case – possibly because I used the ORS Lock and Twist Gel instead of the EcoStyler. I’ve always had better results with this gel.

Still pretty defined, fluffy and soft

This is my hair at the end of my workday – still pretty defined, fluffy and soft – I’m in <3!!!

A previous time my hair took in moisture from the air...curls are pretty much gone, except on the ends.

A previous time my hair took in moisture from the air…curls are pretty much gone, except on the ends.