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As usual, this weekend I gave my hair some TLC as it was wash day. I just love wash days because I get to pamper her a bit more. My routine was pretty much standard, so I did my normal pre-poo, hot oil treatment, and deep conditioning. As always, I followed the wash with an ACV rinse. However, I tweaked a few things with this wash: I added this honey rinse that Toia B. posted on her blog, LuvToBNatural. I must admit, I was a bit hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure about leaving a scant bit of honey in my hair. (I’d added honey to a deep conditioner before and went to hang out with my boys. It seemed like bees were instantly attracted to me!!! And it wasn’t my imagination. My boys even commented on it. But maybe it was this sweet sugar that I am that they were attracted to! :))

Anyhoo, since it is cooler out and the bees are long gone, I decided to go for it. I’d also seen a post on Ronnie R’s blog Naturalogy about adding Almond Extract to a recipe for Whipped Shea Butter. Again, I was hesitant because Almond Extract has alcohol in it. Yikes! But after some discussion about this with Ronnie, I decided to try this as well. I didn’t make the shea butter, but I added a bit of Almond Extract to my deep conditioner. I untwisted my hair this morning and my curls are gawgeous!!! My hair is so shiny and soft. Now, the teacher in me wishes that I’d have followed the #1 rule of thumb of scientific experimentation and tried these two things separately so I would have an idea as to which of the two I could give credit to, but the impatient part of my personality wouldn’t allow that. Either way, I have the perfect twist out today. (Pics coming in another post because there are a couple of things I need to address about my perfect twist out.)