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I think I’m on to something! While reading several of the hair blogs that I frequent, I came across some info about hot oil treatments and deep conditioning. I realized that many naturals do these two steps BEFORE actually washing their hair. In my regimen, I’d always done them afterwards. After thinking about this, it made sense as to why reversing the order of these steps could be beneficial – the main reason being to provide a barrier on the hair to prevent the shampoo from stripping all of the oil from the strands and leaving them dry and brittle.

So, yesterday was wash day and I decided that I would try. I pre-pooed with coconut oil, then did my hot oil treatment, and afterwards deep conditioned. Since I’d done a protein deep condition last week, I didn’t add the proteins this time. I’ve started alternating the protein deep condition every two weeks. I added the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment to control frizz. I’m trying to determine if my hair likes this product. I did a clarifying wash this week because I had a lot of gel build up and conditioned using the Shea Moisture. When I did the ACV rinse, I let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it out as I usually do. I finished by moisturizing and sealing and letting it air dry. When it was pretty much dry I attempted to do Bantu knots using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and aloe vera gel. I could not get my Bantu knots to look like the ones on YouTube videos I’d seen, but I left them in anyway to see how it would turn out.

Before untwisting I sat under the dryer for a few minutes because I went to the gym this morning and my head sweated as usual. When I untwisted, as I suspected, it didn’t turn out right. My hair was still damp! So I still don’t know if this style will work for me. But! My hair felt great! It was nice and soft and looked very moisturized. It had a nice sheen as well. I think changing the order in which I did the hot oil treatment and deep conditioning made a difference. I will continue to do it this way. I two strand twisted it since the Bantu knots didn’t set.

I’m realizing that it is true that we must continue to research, experiment, and change our regimens until we find the process that makes our hair look and feel its best. I’m learning more and more about my hair everyday.


Awesome twist out after Bantu Knot out failure