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So for the last few days I’ve been trying to figure out why my twist outs have been failing. My hair, although it has been adequately moisturized since I’ve gone back to a basic regimen, has been stiff and the curls just don’t fall right.

Last night I deep conditioned using HH, coconut milk, honey, and peppermint, jojoba, vitamin E, and vegetable glycerin oils. I sat under the dryer to open the cuticles so the moisture could easily penetrate my strands. I washed again, moisturized, and and two strand twisted.

This morning I was excited to see how it turned out. I was disappointed to get the same results – stiff hair! Then it came to me! It’s the EcoStyler gel! I think it has too much hold for my hair. So washed AGAIN (lightly just to get rid of the EcoStyler) and this time I used aloe vera gel instead. I also used my HH as my cream instead of the shea butter leave in.

I must say this mane of mine is still a work in progress!


Juicy twists stretched before pinning


After pinning