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Cantu Shea Butter, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, EVOO, EcoStyler Gel, & water bottle

I’ve been noticing lately that for some reason my hair is no longer doing as well with the conditioner leave-ins. It absolutely LOVED the Hello Hydration and Aussie Moist for awhile, but now that my curls hang a bit more, they are not as defined as before. It doesn’t appear to be as moisturized and I’ve also been having more shedding. Even today, after taking down my three day old twists, my curls did not cooperate. The curls were tight, but the style wasn’t what I expected. I was unable to separate the curls without causing to much frizz and they would not hang. The overall look of it just wasn’t as appealing. (I failed to take a picture).

I’ve been going over in my mind what could possibly be the problem. It came to me that my hair did so much better with styling in the earlier stages of my journey. I came to the conclusion that I’ve gotten away from the basics. While trying to incorporate other products into my styling regimen, I’ve neglected the products that worked for me in the beginning. So, I’m going to go back to the initial products that I started with – shea butter leave-in, curl enhancing pudding, EVOO, gel, and my water bottle. I can’t remember when the last time was that I spritzed my hair using my water bottle!

Now, about the EcoStyler gel. In my previous posts I lamented about my strong dislike of this gel. However, I’ve decided to give it another try, but by using it in a different way. In the past, this gel left a white residue in my hair. I’m thinking that was because of the amount of other products that I was using in my hair and also the amount of gel. So I’m going to try it again, but by using less product and less of the gel.

So, this evening, I moisturized using the LOC method and also incorporated the EASE method that I saw on a YouTube video by The Trendy Socialite. Using EASE simply involves LOCing in parts: edges, all over, sections, and ends. I flat twisted each section after it had been moisturized. Being that I didn’t saturate my hair when I spritzed it as I’d done in the past, it stayed pretty stretched. (Shrinkage was the main reason that I’d gotten away from using my water bottle). While I was going through this process, I noticed that my scalp was kind of dry, so I used a little jojoba oil and lightly oiled my scalp to remedy this. Since jojoba oil is similar to the sebum that is naturally produced by the scalp glands, it shouldn’t clog the hair follicles. I also hit my edges with JBCO. Now I’m patiently waiting until tomorrow to see if my theory is correct. Once again, I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes in hopes that this solves my problem.

Contents of my water bottle: mostly water with a little vegetable glycerin and aloe vera gel

OK…so I was unable to wait patiently until tomorrow, so since my hair has pretty much dried, I untwisted a couple of at the front. They looked great!!! Re-twisted and now patiently waiting until morning. 🙂