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Today is my standard wash day. I pre-pooed with coconut oil and covered with a plastic cap for about 30 minutes. Then I did my typical bi-weekly clarifying wash with ACV rinse. I also did a combination deep conditioning and hot oil treatment. I have yet to think of a rational reason why this could be a problem, so alleviating an additional rinse and stint under the dryer saves me some time, but still gets the job done and I love that!

It’s been about two months since my last length check, so my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to do one. I’m so ecstatic! I knew my hair was growing, but it’s grown more than I had thought! Link to last length check here.

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Randomness Part 1 – a guy friend of mine asked me, “So how long are you going to keep your hair like that?” Me: “Uhhhh….forever!” I wondered where that question came from. I mean, I know he doesn’t really care for my hair being natural, but I really don’t care what he thinks! I’m loving this hair growing from my scalp!

Randomness Part 2 – So, I pick out my fro and wore it to the grocery store today. I felt like a nubian queen!

Randomness Part 3 – Something I haven’t admitted to anyone since going natural – this hair makes me feel so sexy! I can go out with or without make up and still feel like I’m all that and a bag of chips! Lol