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I am on cloud 9!!!! For the second day in a row I have had AWESOME hair!!! Now, I have had a few good hair days here and there, but AWESOME hair? This is new to me!!! Yesterday I posted about how I think I’ve found the right combinations to keep my hair moisturized, sealed, and styled. I didn’t want to get too excited in case it was a fluke. Well, I followed the same process last night and when I styled my hair this morning, again I got beautiful, shiny, plump curls. My hair held all day and did not frizz or sweat out. At the end of my long work day, it still looks pretty much like it did when I left home this morning!

IMG_20130822_210735-1These curls were so tight I had a difficult time fluffing my hair! I’m not complaining though!!! This picture doesn’t do the curls justice. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair this week. It makes me feel so much more confident in my ability to get a decent hairstyle. One thing I’ve realized, however, is that flat twists are not for me. They do not give me the curl definition that I like. So from now on, two strand twists it will be.