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OK…so I was down in the dumps about my hair yesterday. The issue with dryness has been so persistent that I have really been thinking about whether I should continue this journey. I guess that just wasn’t in the cards for me because today was a good hair day.

After styling my hair this morning I noticed that it wasn’t dull looking and it actually looked moisturized. Last night I decided to try using some products together that I hadn’t used together previously. I co-washed my hair with Hello Hydration and also used it as my leave in. I sealed with olive oil instead if coconut oil and let it dry halfway before using Elasta QP mango and lime curl pudding to define my curls. I then ran my Denman brush through my hair to get more definition and used aloe vera gel for hold. Then I flat twisted my hair. Funny thing about this is I had almost decided against using the HH because of the sodium hydroxide that’s in it. I’m going to see if I get the same results tomorrow before I get too happy!