OK…so, I know I wrote about how I damaged my hair on my blog page about my hair journey, but I never wrote an actual post about it. I’ve been fully natural since March 2012. For the majority of that time I wore my hair in kinky twists, which I removed in June. After I removed them, I didn’t know how to care for my hair in it’s natural state. My hair had grown out A LOT and it was pretty healthy, outside of needing the ends trimmed.

Well, in my illiterate state of mind in regards to my hair, I reverted back to trying to maintain and style my hair as I had done while it was relaxed. The first thing I did was flat iron it so I could put it in a decent style. Not worrying about the temperature of the flat iron, I FRIED my hair, not realizing that I was actually damaging it. One afternoon, I went on a lunch date with a friend. Out in the hot, Texas heat, my head started to sweat and my bone straight hair eventually started to get puffy and frizzy. It was not a good look. Also, going to the gym wasn’t helping my situation either.

I was determined to tame my hair into doing what I wanted it to do. And I wanted it straight. I figured with it being straight I would be able to maintain and style it. So out came the flat irons again. I bumped up the heat from Level 8 to Level 10 – the hottest temperature possible. And again I FRIED my hair. I was determined you see. Well, my determination had detrimental side effects on my hair. The hair at the crown of my head was severely damaged! I also had tons of split ends.

I didn’t realize how much so until after I figured out that I was fighting a battle that my hair was winning and threw in the white flag of defeat. I found YouTube and CurlyNikki and I was saved!!! After hours of researching, reading, and watching vlogs, I became aware what was necessary to manage my natural hair. I have several friends who are natural and I got in touch with one of them and she also gave me some pointers.

Armed with the wealth of information that was floating around in my head, I retreated to my bathroom to get to work. I did my first set of two stranded twists, which turned out fairly well. However, I noticed the hair in my crown did not hold any of the curls. It was extremely dry and rough to the touch. A few areas in the back were the same. After more research, I discovered that the reason my hair looked and felt that way was because it was damaged. My heart sank at the thought of having to BC again! Upon MORE research, I found that I could attempt to repair the damage.

That brings me to where I am at the present. For the past two months I have worked hard to learn about my hair and what it likes and dislike. I’ve been putting forth a conscious effort to take the necessary steps to repair the damage that I unknowingly did to it. I’ve experienced quite a bit of growth and some noticeable changes to the state of my hair. It still is nowhere near being completely healthy, but there has been some improvement. I’m starting to see my curl pattern improve. Below are some before and after photos.

Top - horribly damaged

Top – horribly damaged

Top - 2 months later

Top – 2 months later