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Operation 3 Day Hair had mediocre results. The 3 day twist out was a FAIL! It reminded me of the old school roller sets the older ladies used to wear back in the day. I’m thinking that had to do with the rods on the ends though.

Failed Day 3 Twist Out

Failed Day 3 Twist Out










Since the twist out didn’t work, I tried a roll and tuck that I’ve seen several of the ladies do on YouTube. That too was a FAIL!!! Evidently my rolling skills are lacking. Didn’t think to snap a pic of this tragedy.

This is what I ended up with. I like the big hair. It’s soft and full, but lacks the curl definition that I was going for.

Fro'ed Out

Fro’ed Out










After sitting around, I decided to try another wash and go. Can you guess how that turned out???

Wash and go...FAIL!!!!

Wash and go…FAIL!!!!










Soooo, my struggle continues. I’m clearly challenged in the hairstyling area!!!