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I think the title of this post says it all!!! Another failed twist out!!! I know I’m supposed to have my hair in a protective style for my 3LR Challenge, but I need to practice on styling my hair since I will be going back to work in less than 2 weeks. I have to have some styling options. So, I untwisted my hair today. It turned out horribly!!!! The curls were not defined, my hair was frizzy because the curls were all separated, and it just all around didn’t look good. *deep sigh*

I’ve had to re-evaluate what I’m doing now that I wasn’t doing initially when my twist outs were rocking!!! And the conclusion I’ve drawn is that I’m doing them without using the ORS Lock & Twist Gel. Lately I’ve been moisturizing, sealing, and letting my butters serve as the styling product. Obviously, this isn’t working because the last few attempts at twist outs have failed miserably and that’s the only thing that I’ve done differently. So, to test my theory, I re-twisted stretched hair (this is one thing that turned out great) using the Lock & Twist Gel. It didn’t even take 10 minutes for it to dry and beautiful, plump twists were revealed!!!! Now I have to figure out a way to style it since it’s grown and doesn’t look right how I was styling it before.