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I’m confused…I’ve read on several blogs that many of my natural sistahs have received some negative criticism regarding their hair. This baffles me because I’ve received nothing but love for my hair! When I decided to BC my husband was all for it – both times. Heck, he was the one who did my BCs! He loved my hair in its TWA stage. And even though we are separated at the time, every time he sees me, he compliments me on my hair! Even when I’m thinking it’s jacked up, he thinks it looks nice. Everyone in my family has been supportive and they love my hair!

Because of this backlash that others have been receiving, it had made me leery about wearing my natural hair out to work when school starts in a couple of weeks. I wasn’t feeling too confident about how it would be received, being that I work at a predominately white school and there are only two black teachers, myself and another lady. I had a workshop that I had to attend at school today. I’ve had my hair in finger coils all week, so I thought now was as good a time as any to test the waters and see how everyone would react. Well, I must say, it was received really well!!! I got so many compliments on my hair!!! I didn’t even turn my lips up when a couple of people went in to touch my beautiful locks!!!!

So, as I said, I’m confused. Confused as to why anyone would blatantly disrespect another person because of a choice they’ve made in how they want to wear their hair? Why does this make them uncomfortable? Is it intimidating to them? Do they feel less about themselves because they “can’t” rock the natural look? What do they think is “ugly” about it??? Hell, I’ve seen some ratchet hairstyles on relaxed hair, so what’s the difference? Ugly is ugly, right? And why is it other black people that try to put another black person down because of their hair, when other races seem to love it!!! It just makes no sense to me. I know one thing for sure, I will never let anyone or anything make me feel insecure about my hair again.