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So, I co-washed and deep conditioned my hair today because I noticed that it was kinda dirty. First, I prepooed about 30 minutes with EVOO instead of EVCO this time. There wasn’t a reason why I changed it up.  I used the Pantene truly Natural Co wash and used ACV rinse. Lastly, I used my V05 & Suave Tropical Coconut conditioners to deep condition and sat under the dryer for about 35-45 minutes. I didn’t rinse afterwards. Sealed with argan oil and added mango butter to define my curls and then flat twisted and rolled ends.

Breakage...from finger detangling, my comb, & my Denman brush

Breakage…from finger detangling, my comb, & my Denman brush

As I was doing my hair I noticed quite a bit of the damaged ends had broken off. This is the most breakage at one time that I can recall. Now, I had not manipulated my hair in a week, so this is probably a week’s worth of breakage. But still! I can’t wait until I can get rid of those damaged ends entirely!

** Update 7/7/15
I’m now three years into this journey and as I sit here reading my earlier posts, I’m realizing how much knowledgeable about my hair I’ve become. I used the term breakage here and should have used shedding. These two words are not interchangeable as I seemed to have insinuated in this post.