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My Jamaican vacation has come and gone. We had an AWESOME time! Since this blog is about my hair journey I guess I won’t go into details, but that is a trip that we must take again for sure.

Anyhoo, my plan was to get cornrows before I left. But the day that I was supposed to get them done, which was also the day before I was to leave, my car started giving me problems. So as they say desperate times call for desperate measures. YouTube to the rescue! I had to learn to do my own braids! Now I wasn’t even about to try to learn how to cornrow! Been there done that and it wasn’t pretty. So box braids it was. After a few failed attempts at trying to do them exactly as they were done in the vids, I ended up tweaking the process a bit and then I was rocking and rolling. Here are the finished results!


All in all I think they turned out pretty good being that I didn’t know how to braid! And they held up for the entire trip!