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OK… after today I pledge not to buy anymore products until I’ve used what I have or unless my current regimen fails to work. Actually, these were not really spur of the moment purchases. I’ve been wanting to try the ORS Edge Control because I have yet to find anything that can tame my edges. I thought I’d found “the holy grail” – a term I’ve noticed naturals refer to for products that seems to work wonders on their hair – ¬†with the Let’s Jam, but after the fiasco I had with it, that’s definitely a no go. I will elaborate on that in another post. As for the Elasta QP Curl Defining Pudding, so many bloggers and vloggers rave about it, so I want to see if it can work a miracle on the crown of my head where my hair tends to fight back…tragic! I will report back once I get a chance to try them.