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So it’s finally here! I leave for Jamaica in 3 days!!! For the last month I’ve been stressing over what I’m going to do with my hair. I really want to rock my natural. I mean, it’s Jamaica! What better place to let my natural be free? But common sense prevailed and I decided that’s not a very good idea. I have enough trouble trying to tame it at home. I can’t imagine what it would like trying to manage it there, especially when I’m not sure how different the climate is from Texas climate. So to make it easier on myself and in order for me to be able to enjoy my trip without fussing with this mane, I’ve resigned to getting my hair cornrowed. The positive side of this is that my hair will be in a protective style and I won’t have to manipulate it everyday as I would have to do otherwise.

That being said, these are the five looks that I’ve been trying to decide on for my hair. I wanted an updo, but as I was searching photos, I came across the last photo of Ciara with simple cornrows braided to the back. Sooo, which one will I choose????

Lady-Influence5 cornrow-bun6









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