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Sooo, as it has been my norm for the past two, almost three, weeks I was doing some reading about natural hair care. I came across this article on curlynikki.com regarding stretching the hair. I’d read about the techniques before but my attention was to a bit of information that I hadn’t seen before – stretching a wash and go! I was intrigued by this piece of info because I’ve been wanting to rock a wash and go but my hair shrinks so much that I’ve worn one around the house but not out. I’ve past the TWA stage and want to show my length that I’ve gained. Coming across this article was right on time being that I was sitting home doing nothing and had just put my hair in a wash and go! I was excited and had to try it. So I let my hair dry a bit more and then I grabbed my bands and stretched my wash and go!!!


Me with my shrunken fro…


My son thought I was crazy and I know I looked the part! Lmbo I guess it’s a good thing that I’m single now because I can’t think of any man that would want to look at this all night, satin cap or not! SMH I must say that it was not comfortable at all sleeping with my hair like this. But I found a position that worked and got through the night.

I was anxious to see how it would turn out when I woke up this morning. So I took the bands out and picked out my roots. This is the end result…


…my kinky, coily fro! I LOVE IT!!!