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So yesterday I was so excited about how my flat twists looked. They weren’t anywhere near perfect, but they were good. I was excited about the idea of finally untwisting it and my hair would be perfect! How easily we are can be letdown…my twist out was nowhere NEAR perfect! It was dry, stringy, and didn’t have the stretch that I had anticipated. I even rubbed shea butter over it to attempt to give it some life. That was useless. Talk about BIG LETDOWN!!!! *deep, deep, sigh*

Although I’m crushed to the core, I rebound and recover quite quickly. I tap into all of the newfound knowledge that I’ve acquired about natural care and start to analyze my hair to see if I could pinpoint the root of the problem. As I’m scrutinizing my hair I became aware that there is most likely one issue that’s causing all of the other problems – INEFFECTIVE MOISTURIZING!!!  I noticed that my ends were extremely dry and lifeless. This leads me to believe that at this point in my hair journey I must MOISTURIZE DAILY being that I had only gone a day without doing so. In a previous post, I’d stated that one of the things I was going to do in an attempt to repair some of the damage I’d done to my hair was co-wash daily for two weeks. When I started to see my hair doing better, I stopped!!! Now I realize that was not a good decision. I should’ve kept with my plan. Big lesson learned!

I’m starting to get concerned about all of this.

Concern #1 – It’s taking a lot of work to manage my hair right now. (I don’t know what I’m going to do if and when it grows longer!) It’s a good thing that I decided to start this during my summer vacation. There is no way that I could have taken on this task with the limited skills that I have during the school year.

Concern #2 – I’m finding that there are not very many hairstyles that I can do with my hair at this stage. Many of the styles that find comes off as being kind of childish to me. I’m a 40 year old woman and I want my hair to reflect that. Along with this, I am going to Jamaica in exactly a month. I want to have this hair game down pat by then. I’m already gonna have to be dealing with the humidity issue I’m sure. I don’t want to add hairstyle issues to that.

Okay….I think I’m getting depressed now! *deep, deep, deep sigh*