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So, I’m taking a break from my house cleaning to make this post. I had to do it now because some things just started to click and make sense to me! I’ve been doing so much reading, researching, and watching vlogs that my brain was completely overwhelmed with all of the new information. I was not completely wrapping my head around it.

As I was cleaning, I was trying to figure out what I could do as I workout to cover my hair. Last Saturday, I covered it with COTTON bandana. Stupid me, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that if I sleep in a satin scarf, why in the heck would it be okay for me to wear a COTTON bandana???? Can you say defeating the purpose???? But I just didn’t think about that at the time.

So, I’m cleaning and thinking about all that I’ve learned about natural hair and how to care for it, in order to figure out this workout situation. Then suddenly my schema starts to adjust (the teacher in me is creeping out) and things just start to click! What’s going on with these frayed, dry, scraggly ends??? They need to be moisturized intensely, not trimmed. Why is my hair staying so drawn up and shrunken? I’m not taking measures to stretch it!!! What does stretch even mean????? It simply means to straighten or elongate the hair strands. Why are the oils sitting on my hair and not soaking in???? BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ENOUGH MOISTURE TO ABSORB IT!!!!!

Talk about REVELATIONS!!!! I could go on! Revelations…it’s starting to click!!!