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Yes, it’s late (I’m a night owl), and yes, I’ve been up messing with my hair! Another obession!! I am determined to figure it out! So, I was watching more vlogs on YouTube and I kept seeing all of these vlogs about flat twists and flat twist outs.  I just couldn’t take it anymore! I had to figure out how to do them. I’ve tried them once or twice and couldn’t get them done. I’ve always been that girl that can’t braid to safe my life. But my persistence paid off tonight!!! I got my hair flat twisted and they look great. Well the front and sides look great. I had a hard time with the back, but I got it done decently. I’m excited again!!

This time I didn’t completely saturate my hair. I spritzed it with my spray bottle and added shea butter conditioner. This time I made sure that I saturated the ends though.

The pics below show the results of my flat twists!!!! 



The parts aren’t that clean, but I’m not going to wear this out as a style, so I’m not worried about that. As usual, I couldn’t get a pic of the back. It never works out…













The following afternoon:

So, I’ve untwisted my hair and the results are great overall! I see what people mean when they say flat twist have more curl definition. I definitely see that! I like the look. Outside of a few straight parts (I don’t know what I did in order for it to straighten (GO FIGURE) and not curl) but it’s in the back so did I really expect it to turn out right? LOL The back of my head is becoming a major source of frustration in my life…but I digress…The pic below is the outcome…I don’t know what’s up with me and taking selfies!!!! I just can’t get a good pic no matter what I do, but I see other people’s pics and they are great. I really don’t like being in pics, either my smile is always fake, my eyes are closed, yada, yada, yada…again I digress…Here are the pics…











I’m sold!!! No more two strand twists for me!!!