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Soooo…my morning was a bit uhhhh…what’s the word I’m looking for, blahhhhh!!! I guess that’s the best way to put it. I’m taking this natural hair thing in stride but it is definitely work trying to get my hair to do what I want it to do and to look like I want it to. I know there are some people who probably say that that’s the problem…I’m trying to control my hair instead of letting it do what it’s going to do. I have a hard time with that. I mean, I know that I can’t change the texture, etc. but it’s more of a styling issue. My hair is at that in between stage in length and the styles I like are more for hair that’s a bit longer. So here’s my issue in a nutshell.

Anyhoo, so, I didn’t co-wash again last night. I wanted to see if I could get a two day do out of my twists. Uhhhh, that was a negative!!! I took my bonnet off and my hair was a flat, dry mess! I attempted to moisturize a bit with my water and EVOO spray and slightly puff it out, but that didn’t work. Disappointing…

So, I decided to co-wash and then do a wash and go. I’ve been wanting to try this anyway, so I was thinking that my disappointing two day do wasn’t a complete disaster. But the wash and go was!!! Ugggghhh!!! After co-washing I sealed my ends with extra virgin coconut oil – I wanted to see how this does in my hair instead of the pomade which left my hair kind of greasy. I added a bit of shea butter cream and then my conditioner (I was excited to try the TRESemme’ I bought yesterday to see how well it worked on my hair)…well at least what I thought was my conditioner. As I start to massage it in, I notice that it’s starting to lather up quite a bit. I expected maybe a bit of lather that I could work in, but not the intense lather that I was getting that would not work in. I look at the bottle and realize that it was shampoo!!!!  I was dumbfounded because before conditioning, I looked at the first bottle and noticed it was shampoo. So I grabbed the other one, knowing that it was conditioner since the first bottle was shampoo. NOT!!!! Instead of buying a shampoo and a conditioner yesterday, I bought two different kinds of shampoos!!!! SMH

Needless to say, my shampoo day that I planned for Saturday, was inadvertently moved up a day. So I wash the shampoo out and then I repeat my sealing. But the curl pattern has no definition at all. I try a bit of Ecostyler Krystal gel and to my horror it turns white!!! But I take it in stride, as best I could. I spritzed it with my water & EVOO…dabbed it with my drying shirt and removed as much of the white film as I could. I then put in my version of some double strand twist – I’m calling them Double Double Strand Coiled Twists! LOL…First, I finger coiled it, then double stranded twisted the coils, and then I doubled strand twisted some of those. I put a little more coconut oil on the ends because they have been dry.

Now, I’m letting my hair air dry. I will see how this turns out. I figure after everything that has gone wrong with my hair this morning, anything else that happens will just go along with the theme or either it will be pleasantly surprising.

Soooo….I wait!!!!

I am LOLing at my lack of understanding in how all of this worked at the time! Soooo, I was having issues with my hair being dry. Maybe that was because I was sealing the ends before adding my moisturizers. 😮 Lol…we live and we learn…