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OK…sooooo…that pleasant surprise that I was secretly hoping for didn’t come to fruition. Go figure…I really don’t know what to say is wrong with it though. The curl definition on the right side is great, the left side is ok, but the top, back crown area is a H.A.M…there’s no other way to explain it. The bottom, back curls just fine. But that crown area has no curl at all. Then I can’t even pick it out into a half decent looking style, especially the back.!!! Uggghhhh….this is so frustrating!!!!!!!!!

I try to think like a rational adult and look at this in a glass half full perspective – I’ve only been actively pursuing this natural hair journey for not even a full week yet. My hair may not have even had time to get on board with my plan yet. LOL But my irrational alter-ego who sees everything in a glass half empty sort of way seems to be nudging the rational side out the door. I’m a want it like yesterday type of girl. There’s not a patient bone in my body…well let me take that back…I have to work at being patient. (How am I a school teacher you wonder??? By the grace of God! LMBO)

In addition to all of that, I still haven’t been able to get a shine to my hair. It looks kind of dull. It still feels dry, but greasy when I run my fingers through it and the ends are still scraggly even though I trimmed quite a bit off. Maybe I need to go to a professional and get it trimmed. *Deep sigh*

Soooo, yeah, I’m a tad bit peeved right now. It looks like I’m headed back to the drawing board…

The face says it all!

The face says it all!