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Whew!!! I just finished with my co-wash and twists. My arms are tired!!! I made the twists smaller this time in an attempt to prevent having to try and close huge gaps and parts. It took me longer to get done tonight, but I am starting to see improvement in my hair already. It’s so soft!!! I just wish it held curls after it’s styled like it does when it’s conditioned. Maybe one day!! I left the conditioner in for about 45 mins. I also tried a new trick (well new to me, I’m sure all of the veteran naturalistas already know about this, but on curlynikki.com there was a post about using a t-shirt to dry your instead of using a towel.The results were as the post stated, my hair dried much faster, in less than 15 mins, and it was really soft. I keep saying that, but I’m just amazed how soft my natural hair is compared to what it felt like a week ago. I trimmed my ends a bit more in hopes of preventing so much frizz and I needed to get it out of the way anyway. I had so many dead, split ends. I know I didn’t get all of them and I hope I didn’t make things worse!

Just to see how it would look, before I twisted my hair, I let it dry completely as if I was doing a wash and go. I actually liked my fro and I didn’t think that I would!!! I think I’m getting to the point where I can say that I love my hair!!! 🙂