So…I was pleased with the twists this time as well. However, when it was time to untwist and style, I started to have some issues. First, I couldn’t get it styled the way I did the first time, which I really liked. Also, since my hair is so much softer this time around, it wouldn’t stand up like it did the first time… it kept falling flat instead of the spiky look I wanted. I won’t complain about this though!  I’m thinking the softness is a good thing.

After picking, twisting, and pinning a while, I decided that I was going to just leave it and go since I needed to be at work this morning.  I’ve been very nervous about going out with my hair in its natural state since it has grown out. I guess since I’m not sure how it will behave and the fact that we were supposed to get rain was made me a bit apprehensive as well. But knowing I had to hurry and leave for work, I had to leave it as it was and go. I figure I’m not going to know how my hair reacts under certain conditions unless I expose it. So I gathered my confidence and headed out the door.

As far as the condition of my hair goes, it seems to be much softer than it was at first. It still has some places where it gets stringy but for the most part the curl pattern was a good. There is something going on with the top, it’s kind of hard to explain what that something is though. Will be doing another co-wash tonight.